We describe our work as ritual performance. Each piece, movement, and story reaches into that vast unknown. From mystery is woven a tapestry of narratives brought to life. Dance is not meant as movement alone, but a complete embodiment where struggles and joy, ritual and initiation are lived experiences on stage.

We come together, sisters in the dance. Each dancer brings her own unique element. We draw strength and grace from our dancers’ diverse training and it is through our varied paths that one, unique unified artistic vision emerges: the re-awakening of the human spirit.

Vadalna has been blessed to create and participate in a myriad of events over the past seven years. Beginning with Blessings, our first ritual piece that sought to know when you’re in your deepest darkest place what brings you to the light, we moved to…

Temple, Tribal Fest, Menagerie I & II, Revival, opening for Beats Antique, opening for Serpent Rouge, opening Vadalna Tribal Dance Studio (closing Vadalna Tribal Dance Studio), teaching a slew of workshops, Buffalo, Winter Gala with Zafira, Ritual in NYC (what a disaster! BAHAHA!), everything with the Boston Circus Guild, Bhakti with Colleena Shakti, hosting epically amazing women such as Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Miriam Peretz, headlining Belly Dance Underground… and more.

We want to thank everyone that has supported Vadalna over the years. It has been a long haul. We are endlessly grateful for all the students who have chosen us to study with, our teachers who have been there every step of the way, and of course our supporters who have been the life blood behind so, so many events and ideas. This project has been a life-changing endeavor. Thank you for being part of the journey.

From everyone at
Vadalna Tribal Dance Co.