Founder and Artistic Director of Vadalna Tribal Dance Co.

With over 15 years of dance experience, Naraya’s style is now a blend of traditional cabaret, tribal fusion, modern dance and yoga. While dancing full time, Naraya performed at some of the most sought after venues and events including: Lincoln Center, the UN, the Egyptian Embassy as well as on the set of popular independent movies and national series such the hit TV show – Rescue Me with Dennis Leary, among others. Now, while balancing a career in neuroscience/social conflict and motherhood, dance has taken a markedly different turn, moving from the hustle and bustle of the every day to a different type of focus. Today Naraya is focused on dance as sacred practice. More than merely weaving in the occasional sacred element, Naraya seeks to utilize movement, choreography, and technique as components and tools of spiritual devotion. The physical becomes the expression and energetic manifestations of the divine. This transformation of her dance can be seen in several of Vadalna’s newest choreographies including The Muses, Echoes, Temple, and Vadalna’s next full-length work: Myth, to be premiered in the Fall, 2015. For more information or questions please contact Naraya at: [email protected]