“Do we not each dream of dreams?
Do we not dance on the notes of lost memories? Then are we not each
dreamers of tomorrow and yesterday, since dreams play when time is askew?
Are we not all adrift in the constant sea of trial and
when all is done, do we not all yearn for ships to carry us home?”
― Nathan Reese Maher

Sacred, magic, lifting the veil… We’ve forgotten some of what this means in this day and age, and yet we yearn for it. Living surrounded by all manner of things to distract us, our soul yearns for more. There was a time when with each step we took, we repeated the name of the Divine. There was a time when all we did and all that was a part of us was known from deep within. We walked hallowed grounds in the same way as we breathed…

There comes a time when our art needs to become more than mere entertainment or distraction from the every day but a way we return to our essence.

We describe our work as ritual performance. Each piece, movement, and story reaches into that vast unknown. From mystery is woven a tapestry of narratives brought to life. Dance is not meant as movement alone, but a complete embodiment where struggles and joy, ritual and initiation are lived experiences on stage.

We come together, sisters in the dance. Each dancer brings her own unique element. We draw strength and grace from our dancers’ diverse training and it is through our varied paths that one, unique unified artistic vision emerges: the re-awakening of the human spirit.

Company Dancers

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Belle Gunz Denise Inaya Nour Kalidasi Katie (Assistant Director) Naraya (Director) Sabbi GUEST DANCERS